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Dobos Torte Cake Recipe (Hungarian Layer Cake)

dobos torte cake (dobostorta)
My rough first try at making a dobos torte cake didn't win any pageants, but it tasted great.
Dobos torte (Hungarian: Dobostorta) is a delicious Hungarian cake that was invented by József C. Dobos in 1884. It is comprised of five to seven thin layers of sponge cake, a coating of chocolate buttercream frosting and a final caramel-coated cake layer that is divided and arranged atop the cake.

I hope you'll be able to look beyond my messy first attempt at this complex layer cake and still be able to accept that I have some wisdom to share from the experience. My first piece of advice is to not approach the task lightly: making a dobos torte cake is an ambitious undertaking for a beginner baker, which I was when I attempted it. It could even be a bit of a challenge for an intermediate baker.
Be sure you start the task on a day when you have a large reservoir of good will in your heart and a lot of time to spare. Baking those seven layers will require both.For the daring bakers out there who aren't deterred by my warning above, take heart: even if your Hungarian layer cake looks more like a messy chocolate cake with ambiguous caramel shapes on top, it will probably still taste delicious! Mine certainly did.

Dobos Torte Cake Recipe (Hungarian Layer Cake)

For the cake recipe, I used a combination of two dobos torte cake recipes: One from All Recipes that provided everything but the frosting recipe, and one from Cafe Chocolada that filled that need. I selected the All Recipes recipe because it looked fairly authentic, was in US measurement units, and had lots of visible reviews that I could learn from in order to make my own cake attempt more likely to succeed.

The caramel layer came out a bit uneven and needing more caramel. To avoid this, you'll need to make the top cake layer as thin as possible, coat it with a little more caramel than All Recipes suggests, and work as quickly as possible so the caramel can even out before it cools and sets.
dobos torte, a hungarian cake
This delicious Hungarian cake may be a little rough around the edges, but still tasted heavenly!
Dobos torte cake is a 5 to 7 layer Hungarian pastry topped with a caramel-coated cake layer cut into spears.
top layer of hungarian cake
A closeup of the dobos torte cake's caramel-coated top layer.  
dobos torte cake, a delicious multi-layer hungarian cake
A closeup of the thickness of a single dobos torte cake layer

If you decide to try it, good luck with your own dobos torte cake! If you have any questions about my experience making one, please feel free to leave a question for me in the comments section.


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