Friday, April 6, 2012

Chocolate Fruit Kabobs

Looking for an easy dessert to throw together?
Kabobs are a quick, delicious, and simple-to-assemble dessert that require no baking. I've assembled the kabobs above out of cubed store-bought sponge cake, strawberries, Baker's Dipping Chocolate, and a pack of kabob sticks, but you can also make kabobs out of fruit alone for a healthier snack.

Kabobs are great for spicing up a dessert table at parties. Not only are they easy to put together, but they add height variety to the dessert spread and can even serve as a centerpiece arrangement. Conveniently, the mix-and-match nature of kabobs lets you choose colors appropriate to the event at hand!

Along those lines, here are a few ideas:
St. Patrick's Day: green grapes and honeydew melon and kiwi
Valentine's Day: strawberries, spongecake (or jicama, apple, or pear) drizzled with dipping chocolate
Christmas: strawberry and spongecake (or jicama, apple, or pear)
Fourth of July: red (strawberry or raspberry), white (jicama, apple, pear, or spongecake), and blue (blackberries, dark blue grapes, or blueberries)
This color combination makes for a festive Valentine's Day treat.
I've found that an easy way to display the kabobs is by sticking the kabob ends into a bowl, vase, or other container filled with dry rice.



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