Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Make Cute Owl Cupcakes

decoration of owl cupcakes
This recipe makes for some VERY cute owl cupcakes!
Whooo whooo whoooo's been baking? These owl cupcakes are adorable. I made about 4 dozen of them for a toddler's birthday party. Probably the moms got a bigger kick out of them than most of the kids. It's all the same to me! It's not too hard to make a batch or two . . . but if you'd like to make more than 30, get a kitchen party going so you have some help with the assembly. Read on for the how-to.

How to Make Owl Cupcakes

If you want to learn how to make owl cupcakes, I describe the necessary steps and decorations below. I used an owl cupcake design that I found through a Google search, but made some small changes: I used mini Oreos for the eyes, and the pupils and beak are Reese's Pieces. 
owl cupcakes
Owl cupcakes before decoration.
I started with a vanilla cupcake recipe of Magnolia Bakery fame, featured on the blog Cast Sugar. But frankly, it had a strange off-flavor to me. I'd prefer to use a standard vanilla cupcake recipe in the future. Cupcakes in hand, I slathered on some basic vanilla buttercream frosting, followed by the fun part: decorations!

Ingredients for and Assembly of an Owl Cupcake

Owl Pupils and Beaks = Reese's Pieces
It turns out that you don't have to split the candies that make the beak, as long as your frosting is deep enough to bury the lower half in.

owl cupcakes
Decoration materials for owl cupcakes.
Owl Cupcake Eyes = Mini Oreos
It's pretty tricky to avoid getting Oreo crumbs on the white part of the cookie, though heating the Oreos in the microwave makes it easier to separate the halves.
owl cupcakes
The future eyes of the owl cupcakes! 
Owl Cupcake Feathers = Sliced Almonds
almonds become feathers for owl cupcakes
Sliced almonds become feathers for the owl cupcakes.
Then, I piped some brown icing to make feathers under the beak. VoilĂ !

In support of fun owl cupcakes,
Baker Gal