Easy Snow Sculptures

Whenever the snow is good for packing (and even when it's not), I like to make good use of it. I've always enjoyed making things out of snow, ever since I was a little kid digging snow tunnels, building snow forts and making snow men.

My most popular creations as a "grown up" have been snow furniture, snow rooms, and giant snow animals. I describe each in the posts below. None of these works are finely executed. I've often worked with poor packing snow and a single snow shaping tool (rock, trowel, or crowbar). I'm not in it for the awards, just the enjoyment!

In my ideal world, every adult and child would be out in the snow giving shape to their own unique ideas as well. I hope these three posts show that you don't need special tool or expertise to take on a fun snow project and encourage others to go beyond the average snowman!