Non-Food Projects

Early on, BakergGal was a place where I posted my latests crafts and projects to share them with my friends and family. This is a collection of those early non-food projects, along with a few other things I've made along the way.

Most posts below reflect some of my interests: I love plants and gardening, so it's not too surprising that one project is about how I made my own lightbulb terrarium and what I learned in the process. I also love playing in the snow, and I have several posts about the fun snow sculptures I've made.

And, every now and then, I dust off my little sewing machine to do some basic repairs, tailoring, or experimentation. You'll see a few of those sewing projects here, including some I didn't make myself, like the cool fabric origami flasher my mom made for me.

Hope you enjoy browsing these!