Paleo Recipes

The Paleo Diet Recipes Page lists all of the paleo recipes on this blog, from paleo desserts and side dishes to paleo recipe comparisons. I've also explored paleo snacks, including paleo energy bars, paleo granola bars, and paleo fruit popsicles.

Some of the most popular posts are the BakerGal Chewy Paleo Brownies and the accompanying Paleo Brownie Recipe Comparison. Also popular are the BakerGal Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and the accompanying Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Comparison.

In these comparison posts, I made a set of about six paleo brownie and and six paleo cookie recipes and shared them with a handful of taste testers. I took notes on the recipes, how they turned out, and how they tasted, and I share my reviews in the comparison posts. I then took what I learned, and wrote my own paleo brownie recipe and paleo cookie recipe.

I hope you find my reviews useful and my recipes delicious!  Check back as I add more!

Paleo Recipes Ordered by Recency