The Serious Stuff

I don't collect any of your information. But some of the advertisers I work with in order to keep this blog running do collect information: Amazon, Google Ads, and Clickbank for example.

They do this using cookies, and mostly to just offer you a  better experience on the site (like, Google uses info to show you ads with deals that might actually be useful to you).

When you see an ad on my site, or the occasional link to a product, it's often from one of the above providers. I usually make a small commission when you buy items through my ads or links. But it doesn't cause you to pay more than you would if you just went directly to a site to purchase something. Furthermore, I'm always giving you my straight-up opinion and only ever link to things I actually really like (like the cookbooks in the site's "Grocery Store & More"). If I ever think my recommendation is unfairly biased in some way (like because a company gives me a free sample to review, for example), I'll make that obvious, loud and clear, in the blog post.

I do use Google Analytics; It tells me a lot, but it doesn't do anything creepy. For example, it tells me stuff like from where in the world people are visiting my site, how much time they spend reading it on average, and whether they got there from a search engine or a link. It doesn't tell me people's names or anything personal about their browsing history, but does help me make content that's more interesting to my readers.

Anyway, I hope that was informative. And if any of that makes you uncomfortable, here are some steps you can take to not be tracked by companies:

1. You can go to tracking opt-out sites and ask not to be tracked. This article provides a useful summary for opting out of many tracking services:

Here are a few more useful How-To's:

2. You can also go to your browser settings under "cookies" and make adjustments there that will help you control whether third parties track you.

Hope this helps!